Faculty Members
   Research Interests

K. Aghigh

Associate  Prof. of  Pure Math.
E-mail: aghigh(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 410
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 410)
Valuation Theory,
Fields & Polynomial Theory,


A. Aminataei

Professor of Applied Math.

E-mail: ataei(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir

Office: 408

Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 408)


Numerical Solution of P.D.Es,                  Radial Basis Functions,                           Evolution Equations,
Fractional Differential Equations
Assistant Prof. of  Pure Math.

E-mail: smfatemi(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 302
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 302)
Optimization, Operational Research,        Computer Science

E. Ghorbani

Associate  Prof. of  Pure Math.
E-mail: ghorbani(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 409
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 409)
Combinatorics, Graph Theory,                Algebraic Graph Theory,                        Coding & Cryptography


 Associate  Prof. of Applied Math.
E-mail: ghoreishif(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 311
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 311)
Spectral Methods,                                  Numerical Solution of D.A.E.s                 Preconditioners 

Sh. Ghalandarzadeh

Associate  Prof. of  Pure Math.
E-mail: ghalandarzadeh(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 407
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 407)
Algebra, Ring Theory    

M. Hadizadeh  

Associate  Prof. of Applied Math.
E-mail: hadizadeh(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 301
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 301)
Numerical Solution of IEs,     
Integral-Algebraic Equations
Matrix Polynomials Theory

H. Haghighi

Associate  Prof. of  Pure Math.
E-mail: haghigh(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 308
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 308)

Algebraic Geometry,                                    Commutative Algebra,                                 

Computational Algebraic Geometry

S. M. Hashemiparast                 Professor of Statistics
E-mail: hashemiparast(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 101
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 101)
Stochastic Numerical Computation, 
 Super Statistics & Its Application,
Geometrical Probability

M. Hosseini
Assistant  Prof. of  Pure Math.

E-mail: m.hosseini(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 402
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 402)

Functional Analysis,                                    

Topological & Banach Algebra
A. Karimnezhad          
Assistant Prof. of Statistics
E-mail: a.karimnezhad(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 402
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 402)
 Robust Bayes Analysis,
 Large-Scale Data Analysis,
 Statistical Learning

Associate  Prof. of  Pure Math.

E-mail: malek(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 307
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 307)
Rimanian Manifolds

A. Malekzadeh          
Assistant Prof. of Statistics
E-mail: malekzadeh(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 302
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 302)
Generalized Linear Models,                           Statistical Inference,                                  
Classical Statistical Inference

H. P. Masiha

Associate  Prof. of  Pure Math.

E-mail: masiha(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir

Office: 413

Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 413)

Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis,
Nonlinear Analysis, Dynamical  System, Fourier Transformation & its Applications

M. Masjedjamei                                
Associate  Prof. of Applied Math.  
E-mail: mmjamei(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 305
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 305)

Special Functions,                                      

Orthogonal Polynomials,
 Approximation Theory,    
 Numerical Integration,
A.R. Moghadamfar                                
 Professor of Pure Math.
E-mail: moghadam(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 306
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 306)
Theory of Finite Groups

M. J. Nikmehr
Associate  Prof. of  Pure Math.

E-mail: nikmehr(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 401
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 401)
Commutative Algebra,                                
 Ring Theory, 
Graph Theory & Combinatorics

Professor of Pure Math.
E-mail: nourouzi(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 412
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 412)

Functional Analysis,                                    

Nonlinear Analysis



Associate  Prof. of Applied Math.

E-mail: peyghami(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir

Office: 312
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 312)


Optimization, Operational Research,
Interior Point Methods

A. Rahnama Barghi

Associate  Prof. of  Pure Math.
E-mail: rahnama(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 411
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 411)
Algebra, Algebraic Graph Theory,                 Algebraic Combinatorics

F. Ramezani

Assistant  Prof. of  Pure Math.
E-mail: ramezani(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 310
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 310)


Combinatorics, Graph Theory,                      

Algorithms & Computation

A. R. Sayyareh 

Associate  Prof. of  Statistics
E-mail: asayyareh(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 309
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 309)


Statistical Inference, Censored Data,             

Bayesian Statistics,
Theory of Distributions                        

A. Zakeri
Associate  Prof. of Applied Math.
E-mail: azakeri(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir
Office: 406
Phone: 77125070 (Ext. 406)

Numerical Solution of P.D.E.s,                      

Inverse Problems,       
Fractional Differential equations


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