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   About the Faculty


   The Faculty of Mathematics originated as a Science Faculty in 1981. In 2012, the University ratified plans to improve the educational and its administrative structures by splitting the Faculty of Science into three faculties: the Faculty of Mathematics along Faculties of Chemistry and Physics. The newly constituted Faculty of Mathematics has three Departments – Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics.

The faculty is now provides teaching for 60 different courses every semester distributed over 139 sections.  These sections not only serve the Departments, but also serve the other Departments and engineering  faculties of the university.

Some objectives of the faculty is as follows:


·     To enrich graduates with a high level of knowledge and skills

·      To emphasize the role of mathematical sciences in Engineering and developing critical thinking

·       To retain high quality faculty members

·        Establish new academic programs to meet the growing market demands in the region

·        Enhance research quality and productivity

·        Develop and support strategic research partnership with the other  University

·        Strengthen departmental programs in order to enhance research productivity

·        Increase and enhance the role of the academic programs of the MSP Department within the internal and external community

·    Foster and keep up relations with the Department Alumni

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